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The main page

Dear visitors! We are glad to greet you at our site ‘The territory arrangement in Russia’. On the title page our motto speaks about our potential users : ‘For a student and the President’. Our site includes published works , documents and copies. 

News - besides the information about site development it is possible to acquaint with new documents and materials here monthlyIt is possible to receive our news on email only after registration.

About the site (english) - you can find detailed answers for such questions as: who was this site created for , why was it created and who by , who takes part in its further development and who may do it. The selection and allocation criteria can be also found here.

Library - it's the first database of the site. It is a web–directory of bibliographical descriptions with 799 source-books and the reader ( texts , graphs, maps). It's a library with 666 source-books, with search on authors, terms, names (tittles) and  advanced search.   

"The whole Russia" - the second database of the site. It’s the reference book of administrative and territorial division. It's the catalogue includes more than 811 territorial sites (without rural and intercity territories).  The page of each region (the Subject of Federation) contains the main description of all cities and towns, districts and district centers of Russia. It is possible to acquaint with all rural settlements by links.

Registration is necessary for access to advanced search and the analysis of this database.

Also you can get acquainted with the "Web-catalogue of the "Countries of the World" on our site.

The monography is the author’s lecture course on the site subject and it’s going to be the third main menu of the site in prospect. Meanwhile there is only the title and some theses of the author here. But you can find other monography of the author of this site. It can substitute the first in part.  

Forum - included 6 main topics, 50 sub topics for the discussion of site questions, topics for notes to webmaster, about educational process and free topic.

The guest book – contains 212 opinions , suggestions , comments and wishes to the author of this site. Also you can find the announcement about new sources related to the site subject. Owing to the removal to new web – hosting the old notes can be found in the archives.

Links - you can find 11 theme web-directories, 51 sub directories, about 900 sites or pages related to our subject and interesting for the author of this site here. It is more convenient to acquaint with the catalogue using the links-map.

The questionnaire - You can answer the questions about the necessity and possibility , about ways and methods of Russia territory arrangement reforms. You can acquaint with the results of filled questionnaires. 


30 December 2002 -  18 September 2007

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